Learn Futsal: The Pivot Article 4

January 12, 2015by Jalson0

Supporting the Pivot

Even the best pivots will struggle to do it all alone. They will need support from the rest of the team, but the two things they will thank you for the most are: playing them quality passes and making good runs.

The quality of the pass you give to the pivot is important. They want to receive a pass that is easy to control (that means that it should be accurate, not over hit, and not bouncing).

The rest of the team need to back the pivot by making good supporting runs. In fact, if your pivot can hold the ball up easily then you can cause havoc with supporting runs.

Over time you can develop combinations that will help you take other teams apart. Here’s an example where the blue team are again attacking downwards:


Here the pivot has run into the channel to receive a pass from teammate X (yes a pivot doesn’t have to be glued to a central location).

As soon as X has made the pass, they fake one way to confuse the marker, before looping round and making a run directly into the space that has been vacated by the pivot. The pivot simply pops the ball into the path of X who has a clear shot at goal.

See how it’s done

[iframecode url=’https://www.youtube.com/embed/JDn95TW9WoM’]

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