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January 11, 20150

With the ball – set up others, set up yourself!

Having received the ball, the pivot is going to have to use all their strength and cunning to keep the defender stealing it. Now, if the defender gets their positioning wrong – by being too much either side of they player, or getting too tight, that would be the time to try to turn.

Some pivots will tell you that the moment they try to turn is when they feel the defender’s arm on them – as that’s usually an indication that the defender has just planted themselves in a position. Experiment with this, try turning both ways round opponents and see what works for you.

Often, rather than turn, it can be more appropriate to look to lay the ball off with a pass to a teammate who is making the run forward. The diagrams below illustrate an example of this (note that the team in blue are attacking downwards).

In the above diagram on the right, the teammate has passed the ball into the pivot and then managed to run past their marker. In this instance the pivot, having received the ball, can perform a lay-off (in this case it might be a case of rolling the ball behind them into the teammates path) to set them up for a shot.

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