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PrintWe thought you might like to get to know our staff a bit better so we’ve asked them all to write their own blog pieces as a web feature for you to enjoy.

We start with Jon Reay current head coach for our u9 and u10 academy squads. Jon joined the Club only a few months after it formed in 2012 and has been involved ever since. He captained the men’s senior team in the FA Futsal Super League and has played a huge part getting the Club to where it is today. His passion for Futsal and excellent coaching skills make him an invaluable member of the team. 
JReayOk, so when the Futsal club asked me to start I blog I thought what should I write about? I can talk Futsal and football all day long but putting words onto paper is a flashback to my school days!
As I write, the temperature outside is -2 (freezing) and we are now well and truly into winter.
So, my first thought is… how many football games will be called off this weekend due to the weather? Or it might be easier to ask how many will be on?

jrThese so called ‘all weather surfaces’ that are cropping up all over the place are far from it in my eyes – Just as deadly in the icy conditions as grass/concrete playgrounds. These 3G/4G facilities also get referred to as ‘multi-purpose’ as well but I’ve only ever seen football played on them?

Being involved with Carlisle Futsal club over recent years has highlighted the lack of indoor-facilities within our local area. Schools aside, they are few and far between and with the same bad weather occurring every winter it begs the question why?!

791I7384Perhaps one day as a club we will have our own facility and perhaps a community led approach is the way forward – who knows.
Or.. we could just continue to moan and grumble in the winter months.

Local leagues have recently adopted a ‘futsal’ approach for winter months which is great and makes total sense. However, you cannot just move football indoors and dress it up as ‘futsal’. Similarities -Yes, but It is a sport in its own right and needs to be respected and delivered properly.

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