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February 5, 2015by Jalson0
What is Carlisle Futsal Clubs player pathway?

APPPAThe basic goal of the clubs Academy is that we bring through at least three players into the first team squad every two years, anything less than this is deemed a failure.

All of our youth teams are trained in the same way as the first team, so players who make it are already accustomed to the first teams style of play, training, behaviour, culture and rules. Our playing philosophy is engrained into our academy players right from the beginning of their time with us. They will strive to play attractive, offensive-minded, creative, fast and fair Futsal that our Club is renowned for. There are around 80 youth players with the club at present.

Carlisle Futsal Clubs player pathway begins with Futsal classes for ages 3-7. From the age of 8 players are divided into representative teams and this culminates in progression through to U21 level which is the pinnacle of our academy programme.

Developing talent through our coaching curriculum

The ideal coach at the club is typically someone who is open minded and committed to living the Clubs values and implementing our playing philosophy. Current and ex-players who have had experience at the highest level of the game are ideal. These coaches have substantial influence on talent development and are trusted with promoting the Carlisle Futsal Club coaching philosophy at all times. The most talented players are all but guaranteed a first team place by the age of 16 or 17 such is the emphasis on youth development, so finding the right coaches to ensure this happens is imperative.

The curriculum is only concerned with ensuring the scientific principals of player development are covered.  The FAs four corner model is currently used as the basis of its design and aims to cover fundamental skills at each key stage of a players development. These four elements are physiological, psychological, technical and tactical. Coaches will have creative license to design, plan, and deliver their own sessions around the curriculum, thus not removing the art of coaching from the process.

The curriculum will be available via the Clubs online coaching resource ‘CoachZone’ located in the ‘MemberZone’ area of the Clubs official website.

Making training personal with our Academy Player Performance Plan

APPP2AThe APPP is our long term plan which promotes the development of a world leading Futsal Club academy system. It aims to deliver an environment that promotes excellence, nurtures talent and systematically converts this talent into great players capable of playing first team Futsal.


Quite simply:

1. To produce more and better Home Grown Players.

2. To develop technically excellent players who are tactically astute and independent decision makers, fully equipped for a successful career in professional Futsal.


The APPP is based on 5 Fundamental Principles:

1. Increase the number and quality of Home Grown Players playing in the FA National Futsal League, playing first team Futsal at the highest level.

2. Create more time for players to play and be coached

3. Improve coaching provision

4. Implement a system of effective measurement and quality assurance.

5. Seek to implement significant gains in every aspect of player development


APPP1AResearch with elite performers over the last 30 years has led to the creation of a number of talent development models. These models have been used by coaches and youth developers to try and capture the fundamental characteristics of the coaching environment. We have utilised the FAs 4 corner model which characterises the 4 core areas of development in individuals which need to be improved to reach become a complete performer. Our coaching curriculum is based on covering these 4 key areas frequently, with a shift in focus on each area as the academy player ages and develops.


There are 3 elements to the APPP.

1. Keep a training diary

The first requires all of our academy members to keep a record of their training sessions, record what they learnt and set their own goals for the next session in partnership with their parent and coach. This is done in the APPP booklet at the end of every training session. Members must bring their booklet to every training session.

2. Performance Monitoring

The second element is carried out by the coach and involves the player undertaking a number of fun exercises and games every 3-6 months. Recording scores and aiming to beat them next time.

3. Goal Setting

The third element involves reviewing the players scores and identifying specific elements of each individuals game to work on. The scores are used to assess areas of strength and areas of development and will help to identify areas to work on in training.  It helps the player, coach and the players parent to set new goals for the next 3-6 months.

All academy players must keep a training diary and record everything they are taught. They can write down any questions and are encouraged to discuss things with their coach. The pages at the back of the APPP booklet act as the training diary. The games and exercises are standard and designed by the Club, they are not difficult and will be based on having fun first and foremost. Players can either choose to keep the results private or share them with their friends.

The aim of the APPP is to make sure every academy player reaches their maximum potential though tailoring their training so that it focuses on what they need as an individual to develop.

The APPP is for our academy players age 8-14 at the age of 14 our most talented academy players progress onto our Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP). Every player on the APPP should be striving to gain a place on the Clubs EPPP programme.

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