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Carlisle Futsal Club has been putting together the strategy for re-opening our Club following the recent official government and FA guidance on organised outdoor sports being able to resume from 29th March 2021.

New Mission

We have taken the long break as an opportunity to improve what we do. We have taken member feedback from the survey conducted at the end of the 2019/20 season and have designed a new look Carlisle Futsal Club that will be bigger and better than ever before. Our 3 priorities for the coming years are:

  1. More competitive matches: establish local competitive Futsal leagues for all ages.
  2. More training opportunities: offer more training opportunities to those who want them.
  3. Develop our workforce: grow our army of volunteers and put in place a dedicated coach education programme.

We will not achieve all of this immediately but the first step is a split of our season broadly into; a training season which in Carlisle will be predominantly outdoors over the spring and summer months and then an indoor competition season which will run through the autumn and winter months. Our South Cumbria and West Cumbria academy centres will follow the same split but sessions will continue to be delivered indoors.

Outdoor Futsal

Our partnership with Carlisle City Council to bring Bitts Park forward as a suitable outdoor training arena for Futsal puts us in a fantastic position to launch some training sessions earlier than it would otherwise have been possible. Having been closed for so long and as this is a new venue we have taken the decision to reopen the Club step by step to ensure a safe, smooth return to our operations. Training sessions at Bitts Park will commence from 4th April 2021 with full details on all training opportunities to be communicated over the coming weeks.

Our ultimate goal for Bitts Park is to convert it into a covered space, with spectator seating and install a new concrete playing surface which will make it the perfect training venue for our Club. This is a long term project and us making regular use of the venue now will only strengthen our case with funding partners and help to accelerate the works. You can find full details of our vision for Bitts Park by clicking here.

Indoor Futsal

We are still some way off being able to open up our Club fully across the county. Indoor sports are still not permitted and therefore our South Cumbria and West Cumbria academy centres will remain closed for now. We will announce more details on our plans for resuming indoor training and match play once we receive the green light from the government and the FA in June.

Below, we’ve outlined the steps we are taking to ensure we can have a safe return in the coming weeks and months.

Risk Assessment

We have a full risk assessment in place for the use of Bitts Park as a training venue which can be accessed by clicking here.

We have a full method statement in place for the safe delivery of Futsal training sessions outdoors which can be accessed by clicking here.

Everyone attending training sessions will be required to comply with the measures set out in the risk assessment and method statements. As always our coaching team will ensure the safe delivery of sessions in line with theses documents however it will be the responsibility of all members to ensure they have familiarised themselves with the new rules that have been put in place and to comply with them at all times.

We appreciate that it is still a very difficult time for many people. We hope that our rigorous approach to planning a safe return to training provide you with the assurances you need that we as a club are taking our return to play programme very seriously.

Any Questions

If you have any questions about this information, please do get in touch via email or contact the Club on 07484162456 and we can answer those for you.

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