COMMUNITY: Partnering Key To Our Success

January 28, 2014by Jalson0

Carlisle Youth Zone Link Formed

A key element of our philosophy as a club is to engage with local community groups in order to establish mutually beneficially working relationships. January 2014 will see a new community partnership formed with Carlisle Youth Zone.

Carlisle Youth Zone represents a modern, engaging, exciting and relevant take on the youth clubs of the past. It is open to all young people aged 8-21 (and up to 25 for those with disabilities and/or learning difficulties) and serves the social, recreational and emotional needs of young people of Carlisle and the surrounding area.

Carlisle Youth Zones mission is to provide the Young People of Carlisle with somewhere to go, someone to talk to, something to do and somewhere to belong.

The Carlisle Youth Zone board together with the staff are working hard towards four aims, one of which is to encourage healthy lifestyles. Carlisle Futsal Club will contribute to this aim through the introduction of and delivery of Futsal sessions for members.

2014 is an exciting time for Carlisle Futsal Club and this partnership with Carlisle’s leading youth organisation is another step in bringing Futsal to a wider audience and the growth of the Club.

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