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Creating Quality Futsal Referees In Cumbria

As a club we are facing two challenges. The first is to develop the club as an entity. The Second is to promote and develop the sport of Futsal. Both need to go hand in hand as without one the other will not prosper. As part of our sport development plan we have a strategy in place to ensure quality match officials are being developed. Match officials teach players the laws of Futsal by enforcing rules during match play. They are key to the development of the sport. As such we have appointed two club Referee Development Officers (RDOs) who works with the FA and county FA to deliver this programme.

Programme Objectives

In order to grow the game of Futsal it is imperative to have qualified, high calibre referees to ensure that local teams are adhering to Futsal Law, which in turn will ensure players are able to progress to higher levels of the game.

Development strategy key objectives:

1. To provide current football referees involved in a Northern Futsal league with the correct training to ensure they are fully aware of all the laws of the game.

2. To recruit more referees into the sport and to offer them opportunities to practice and formally qualify.

3. To establish stronger communication and coordinating roles with the Cumberland FA to develop referee recruitment and training.

4. To establish a suitable system and safe environment for the recruitment and development of youth referees to help them become high quality Futsal match officials of the future Recruit female match officials into the sport.

5. To increase the number of referees available accross Cumbria to expand to enable growth and expansion into others areas e.g. Penrith and West Cumbria. This enables our partners Northern Futsal Ltd to offer more playing opportunities and allows us to select our squads from an expanded player pool.

Referee Recruitment & Training

There are currently 6 referees practicing in Futsal officiating in Carlisle including 3 FA qualified football referees but it is necessary to ensure that each also has sufficient knowledge of Futsal law.


To achieve this Carlisle Futsal Club carry out the following:

1. Disseminate the key FA information regarding Futsal rules and laws to ensure all referees have access to the latest updates to the laws and rules of the game.

2. Communicate regularly with the Cumberland FA to discuss suitable refereeing courses and training programs for both the current referees and any newly recruited officials.

3. Build links with local youth teams, schools and colleges to recommend suitable young people for refereeing.

4. Encourage participation from current referees in Futsal refereeing courses with the Cumberland FA. Qualified football officials would benefit from the Conversion Course described below, whereas non-qualifieds will benefit from the full 10 hour Futsal referees course.

5. Hold workshops so that Futsal experienced match officials can communicate their experiences to other referees.

FA Courses For Futsal Referees

Futsal courses are desgined specifically for Futsal. It is not designed to assist those involved in other forms of Small Sided Football or Mini Soccer played by children aged 7 to 12 where separate courses are readily available.

It is recommended that people with no previous refereeing qualification attend the Basic Futsal Referees Course and if existing eleven a side football referees wish to receive training in officiating in Futsal they should attend a conversion course.

The Course for Futsal Referees is run over 10 hours classroom/practical time including two hours at the end for examinations. The appropriate CRB check and Safeguarding Children awareness training are included in addition to the course for those who are not existing referees. At the end of the course, if successful participants are awarded a certificate and badge to officiate Futsal.

The conversion course for existing eleven a side referees is run in one session lasting three hours including an examination.

If you are eager to explore further the possibility of getting into Futsal officiating please get in touch with our club RDOs via or 07759699429.


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