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In futsal the goalkeeper represents 20% of the team as opposed to 9% in 11 v 11. Add this to the fact that they’re always within 30 metres of the ball means that they’re constantly involved in the game and never get a chance to switch off, whether that’s in or out of possession.

Premier League goalkeepers such as Ederson, Alisson and De Gea have been brought up on futsal and it’s easy to see how it has influenced their game, whether that be with how they deal with the ball in possession or with the techniques they often use to make saves close to the goal.

The benefits of futsal for football goalkeepers is clear. As a game in its own right, futsal goalkeepers enjoy the fact that they’re always in the action and in a 40-minute game it’s not uncommon to face over 60 shots on target with a similar number of opportunities to distribute the ball.

We now have a fantastic opportunity for aspiring goalkeepers to join a new training programme commencing in January 2021 led by last seasons National Futsal League golden glove winner and fans player of the year Phil Codd. Phil is one of the countries most experienced Futsal goalkeepers and has wealth of knowledge having played Super League Futsal for many years with Middlesbrough and York.

You can register your interest in these sessions by completing the form on this page. Full details below.

How to register

We are offering places on a first come first serve basis. Just complete the form on the right press submit and we will be in touch ahead of the sessions starting to set up payment.

About futsal goalkeeping

We aim to provide as many young players as possible with the opportunity to learn Futsal through regular matches and training. Our goalkeeper sessions bring all of our Club goalkeepers together to train in a group delivered by our expert coaches.

All training sessions are delivered in line with our club coaching curriculum which is designed to educate a player starting at the age of 4 and taking them up to the age of 18. By working through our curriculum it will ensure a player realises their full potential.

Why Futsal?

Dont dismiss Futsal as just 5-a-side, its a professional sport around the world with players earning up to £5k per week. It is expected the sport will turn professional in England in the coming years as TV money and sponsorship comes into the game. All the worlds best Footballers grew up playing Futsal – Messi, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Kaka, Iniest, its a fantastic tool for developing great footballers too.

Visit the Futsal explained section of our website for full detail.


Futsal offers fantastic opportunities for player development and the learnt skills translate onto the football field.

Futsal rules are closer to football than other forms of small sided football, as there are no walls, if the ball goes out of play possession is lost, this encourages good habits as players will try to keep possession of the ball rather than take the easy option to play off the walls, or kick the ball down field knowing the ball will remain in play.

Player Pathway

Our ambition is to create a senior mens team that will compete for the FA National Futsal Super League title. This will create a pathway for the very best in our academy into the professional game and for the best go on to win International honours. Our strategy is to spend the next 5-10 years creating players through our academy programme, which now includes our leagues, who can go on to represent our Club at the very top.


Futsal is played in a small area on a fast hard surface, which will help players to improve their speed of thought, which will allow players to make better decisions when under high pressure situations or in tight spaces in games.

Futsal is played with a small number of players, which allows players to have more touches on the ball which helps players to become more comfortable on the ball.

The ball

The Futsal ball also encourages players to pass over short distances and keep the ball on the ground as it is harder to just kick the ball in the air down field. This will help to develop good habits in players at an early age.

The Futsal ball with its reduced bounce allows players to get good control of the ball without it bouncing away, which gives players a greater confidence on the ball and encourages players to be more creative.


Our return to play sessions will cost £25 per month. These payments are taken via direct debit in January, February and March. After this we will be launching a new academy programme that combines weekly training with local league fixtures which will run April to September.


For more information please text or ring Al Tindall on 07816227302 or email eventsteam@carlislefutsal.com.

Please also give our facebook page and twitter feed a follow @carlislefutsal to keep up to date with all the latest league news.

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